"Divas in denial" was founded in 2010 by Professional soprano Nicola Fox, followed by Choral expert and comedienne Janet Moody and from there a great act sprung to life!

Their passion for their art shows in every performance, Not only are they experienced classical singers, but they are  amazing performer/actress's, as they prove whilst gliding effortlessly between Operatic recitals, comedy and musical theatre...

 Their act can be described as somewhat varied, ranging from satirical musical comedy to serious Operatic arias, 1940s nostalgia, a touch of Disco with 60s & 70s glam in between. They have a thoroughly entertaining act whether they perform for a corporate evening, on the concert platform or small informal birthday bash.
These ladies are more than versatile, and can even appear at any event in disguise to surprise and delight the guests!

Dont like Opera? 

well think again, these ladies will show you a completely differnt side to some of the more famous Arias you may think you know.

"Divas in denial" will thoroughly entertain you, with something for absolutely every guest at your event, 

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